"I decided to run for state Senate, when ONLY FOUR of our current senators stood for human life this March. We cannot claim to be in favor of life, yet vote for death." -Kaity Keith


I believe abortion is murder and should be treated as such in our state legislation. I will always vote for its immediate abolition without compromise.


I support parental choice and vaccine exemptions.

Local Business

Local businesses are the backbone of our economy. Our laws should support and protect them, not over tax or regulate them.


I support local education, school autonomy, and school choice.


I believe a prosperous economy depends on its consumers' ability to spend. The more you are taxed, the less you have to spend, the slower our economy grows, and the more debt our state accumulates. I will vote against tax increases.

Gun Rights

Our 2nd amendment freedoms were fought for and cannot be let go.

Freedom of Speech

Our first amendment rights, including the freedom to assemble, must be protected from government overreach.

Limited Government

Our government was created to protect the individual rights of its citizens and ensure civil liberties. I stand for the freedoms upon which our country was founded.

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