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Hello, my name is Kaity Keith, and I want to serve Oklahomans through the state Senate.  I work as an autism teacher for elementary-aged, special education students.  I've worked with our youth for many years in different capacities, including school teacher, church youth leader, girls' home staff, summer camp counselor, and my favorite - community outreach.  My passion is to see justice for our children, which requires restored families working together within connected communities.

I am from the small community of Washington, Oklahoma, where I was raised on a cattle ranch.  Growing up, I loved my dad waking me up early to help him on the farm all day.  He taught me the importance of persevering to finish a job and instilled a value for hard work and determination.  My mom is a school teacher and probably the source of my love for learning.  I am a bookworm and have always been excited about new topics of study.

Before pursuing a Master's in Education, I received a Bachelor's in Economics from the University of Oklahoma.  I love all things local and believe local economies are the backbone of our state.  I want to limit government regulations, including taxes, and empower communities to be more self-sustainable.  Knowing you are intelligent and capable, I want to fight to ensure your rights to make decisions for your family, your business, and your community are protected.

Kaity Keith

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